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Marketing Innovation

February 21, 2011

Really, all you R&D folks would think that innovation is your ball game, right?

Here is one for the non techy creative guys – “Marketing Innovation”.

What’s the most creative piece of communication that you have seen, what is the most amazing piece of advertisement of any kind that has forced you to buy the product, just believing in what the advertisement said:

1. Reliance Money: Best in terms of targeted marketing

Target audience: 24-60 year old professionals in the city of Mumbai.

Medium: You can’t even think of that, Dabbawallas of Mumbai.

Reach: 1.6 Lakh consumers daily.

The amazing part is that you reach only the people you want to reach – Advertisement penetration to target segment – 100%, wooaah that’s innovation

Read more:

If that’s something that excited you we should go on and explore more,

2. Volkswagen: Best in terms of retention

The Volkswagen Times of India as was an amazingly expensive affair for the company, but for a company who wants to paint an innovative image of itself, this ad would remain in the minds of marketers for ages. “A talking newspaper”, really if someone had said that to me, I might have thought its really impractical.

But that is what innovations are, they do the impossible, the capture dreams and translate them into realities.

See it in action:

Feeling the heat of innovation, we have more in store.

3. The Apple way: Best in terms of investment 🙂

Let fans and the media do your marketing. Wired’s Kahney notes that whenever Apple began to get lots of media attention, it would scale back on marketing. He also observes that Apple never overloads ads with information. They keep marketing simple, letting the press and fans fill in the gaps.

Organic word of mouth is always the best marketing. Teens are the most social of social creatures and value friends’ opinions above any traditional advertising.

Really you need to see this:

I know I have listed only a select few of the numerous amazing marketing innovations, but I am sure I have been able to drive my point of

“creativity and innovation are stretching its horizons, farther and farther to every aspect of life”

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  1. Scott McNamara permalink
    February 21, 2011 8:12 pm

    Check out how VW markets Innovation, not only in content, but in delivery. They only showed 30 seconds of this ad once during The Super Bowl, but it has been viewed 31M times on YouTube.

    • Scott McNamara permalink
      February 21, 2011 8:13 pm

      Forgot the link. 🙂

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