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Waking up the Innovator Inside S1E1

February 24, 2011

Always longed of innovating.

Always dreamed of innovations, and woken up not feeling like implementing them coz its really hard to implement?

My suggestion to you is to try giving someone a chance to push the lazy innovator inside you.

Now if you have really started to think about the last statement and are wondering about the address of this angel , you are on the right page of the directory.

And as you might notice this is Season 1 Episode 1, I’ll be trying to provide you the co-ordinates of more such angels in my coming posts.

In this post let me talk about, Wipro and Wharton’s collaborative effort to provide the much required push to your innovative but lazy soul.

Source: Wharton Knowledge

The collaboration is prociding you with multiple pushes in form of,

  • Money ($20,000)
  • Publicity (Visibility to global innovators and venture capitalists) and above all
  • A mentor who can tell you how you can differentiate.

The initiative is driven under the banner of “Innovation tournament 2011” and is being mentored by a couple of Professors at Wharton in collaboration with Wipro.

The challenge for innovation tournament contestants is to provide solutions — which could either be bold new ideas or implemented solutions with demonstrated results — for one of the following two areas of innovation:

  1. Sustainability innovation: Propose a solution that addresses one or more of the following areas:
    1. Understanding, measuring and limiting greenhouse gases
    2. “Greening” of IT assets, supply chains, or specific production processes
    3. Improving or establishing green services
  2. Customer-centric innovation: Provide a solution that has dramatically enhanced or could enhance a company’s ability to serve customers in one or more of the following areas:
    1. Expanding into underserved markets, thus creating new classes of customers
    2. Using technology to eliminate a major source of customer dissatisfaction
    3. Designing a product or service that delights customers and leads to a substantive increase in their loyalty.

To read more about the challenge, visit:

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