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Decade of Innovation: The Indian Perspective

February 26, 2011

As I left India’s coolest event(ACREX), I was told by a friend that Dr Ashwani Kumar, Minister of State for Science and Technology will be speaking on Innovation at the 6th Bry Air Awards ceremony and you should definitely attend.

And after getting an invitation, I ended up managing not being able to be present in a session where Dr. Ashwini really made a huge impact speech infront of the leaders of the HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning) industry.


Though since I have gotten back I have just been reading about what he talked about and what the Government of India has planned for India in this Decade.

To those of you who do not know, this decade (2011-2020) has been announced as the decade of innovation by the government of India.


The government plans to push innovation in the country through some really amazing initiatives which if implemented correctly might lead to the realization of the Vision 2020 of our former president Dr. Kalam.

Of the initiatives that have been planned the major ones are:

  • Establishment of 14 national innovation universities
  • Formation of a National Innovation Council ¬†to formulate a roadmap for Innovations by
    • Creating a framework for evolving an Indian model of inclusive growth
    • Develop and champion innovative attitudes and approaches
    • Identifying ways and means to scale and sustain innovations
    • Facilitate innovations by SMEs and encourage academic and R&D establishments for innovations
    • Promote the setting up of State and Sector specific Innovation Councils which will help to implement strategies for innovation.

If implemented with efficiency this could be the change that India has been looking forward to for years and the turn towards developing itself as a R&D and manufacturing hub of the globe.

Dr Ashwani Kumar said that

A vast part of the global innovation system is pursuing new processes of innovation led by the technocratic push. In India, innovation is also seen as a means of creating sustainable and cost effective solutions for people at the bottom of the pyramid ‚Äď also known as ‚Äúdisruptive innovation‚ÄĚ which is being employed as a strategy for inclusive growth. The aim is to re-define innovations to go beyond formal R&D parameters and facilitate innovative solutions that lead to inclusive growth for the people and by the people.

For all of us who have always dreamed of being innovators and have not been able to pursue that dream due to the lack of an innovation ecosystem, do not be pessimistic about it anymore, India has started taking strides towards developing the new Silicon Valley and the new Manchaster.

And I know most of you wont believe me, just search “World Manufacturing hub” on google and see the results, I am sure you would be pleasantly¬†surprised.

To read more visit:

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