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Fill the gap – Be an innovator

April 21, 2011
While writing my last post I thought that people would actually have heated conversations with me on what I wrote and though wishful thinking doesn’t generally convert into reality, it did to some extent with this post.
In response to the article I wrote, one of the reader sent the following to be posted on bloginnovation, and as I read through it, it rang a bell somewhere and hence this post.
Recently , while one of  those banal conversations about “what you are going to do in your life” , there came up a surprisingly useful thing about startups and innovations .
Every other guy I meet these days says he wants to do a start up . So , when this came to a friend whom I thought was kind enough to put away my doubts which had the elements of hurting him , without a second thougt I slashed him with the remark not so sweet sounding  that every one is talking about starting up these days and this is all bullshit with a number of start ups already failing .
Is starting up a necessity born out of the dream to be an enterpreneur or a walkaway from the mundane job life ? So , I asked him why he was obsessed with starting up and I noticed that he was not sure . I know many startups failed because it lacked  vision,dream and above all a passion to fill some void .
What is more important than innovation , is a question that troubles you , a hunger that drives you crazy , a dream that is so full of optimism,hope and confidence that it looks real . Well , then what we need ? Not to be satisfied by the obvious .
Questions are so important and trust me its not easy to ask questions when life is so obvious and everything we see is so normal . We see everything already in structure . You have to become greedy , needy and unsatisfied , in order to ask questions . People say 2+2=4 and you agree . Its obvious . But its not , in fact .
The point is , you need not innovate for money , but do it for your personal greeds . Sounds ridiculous , but trust me that will work . If you think that the books shouldnt come in rectangular pages , but traingular ones, do it . Go for it . If you feel that newspaper should come in smaller size , like a book , go for it . Brainstorm the idea . FEEL THE NEED .
When you know that there is something that is missing , anything , big or small , go for it , fill it and thats where an innovation is born . And thats where an enterpreneur is born . It can be a social structure or a cold fusion reactor .
The author of this post is a final year undergraduate student at IIT Kharagpur and blogs at
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  1. April 22, 2011 4:21 pm

    i m not final year 😛

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