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Ethical Consumerism – Marketing Innovations

July 3, 2011

Ethical consumerism or intentional purchase of products and services that the customer considers to be made ethically is one of things that

seems to be less exploited in terms of marketing strategies in India .
Innovation in marketing strategies are no less significant than innovation in products . With a growing consumerism ,transparent communication in markets , and vast amount of inter-market research , marketing is becoming tougher and tougher day by day .People are afraid to launch same products , because they think that they lack innovation . But , same product can be made available with smarter marketing strategies considering the consumer and mass psychology .

Lets say , you decide to sell rice . You are overwhelmed by the competition that exists and the banal idea of selling rice makes you sick with bleak hopes .
But , its not the rice here . Think of a marketing strategy , in terms of ethical consumerism . Maybe , say , your company offers medical insurance to all farmers and you buy directly from farmers at higher price , thus doing away with the rich mediators .
Or maybe you are selling  book , and you also start a campaign against piracy and copyright issues . Or maybe you are selling mobile phones which employees people from villages .

Improvement in supply chain and marketing strategy and manipulating consumer psychology have significant number doors of innovation to be unlocked


Author: Bibhash Kumar Jha

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